Spring 2022 Capstone Project Information

General Instructions: The capstone project evaluation will be done online between May 2nd, 2022 and May 5th, 2022. Please get the evaluation done by May 5th 10am if you could. The evaluation submission link will be closed on May 5th 5pm.

There are 27 capstone projects: 12 graduate projects in with project name starts with “G” and 15 undergraduate capstone projects with project name starts with “U”.   

Capstone Project Information (click to download)

The project information file contains project title, project website, recorded presentation, evaluator assignments and links for submitting evaluation.

Evaluation Guideline:

An IAB member or a faculty is assigned 4 or 5 projects to evaluate. If your name is not assigned, please randomly evaluate 3 or 4 projects. Feel free to evaluate additional project if you like.

Please evaluate the project based on the information presented in following items: 1) project website; 2) a recorded presentation; 3) a short video (if presented)

Project website design - style, layout, readability, media use, etc.   
Project website content – give audience an overview of the project and teamwork.
Recorded presentation - presentation slides are well designed and cover major aspects of the project in a logical flow.  
Recorded presentation - quality and creativity of video.      
Recorded presentation - presentation is well organized, the information is clearly delivered to the audience, and demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm.         
Short video - quality and creativity of the video.      
Overall impression on quality of the project and team project based on project website, short video, and recorded presentation.