Important Graduate Policies

Class Registration

  • Students enrolled in a Graduate degree program must register for at least one course in at least one semester per academic year in order for the original program requirements for their degree to remain unchanged unless a Leave of Absence has been approved.
  • Full time students need to register 9 credit hours or more in spring and fall semester. Summer registration is optional. But taking class in summer will speed up your graduation process.
  • International student in F1 visa. Need to take at least 9 credit hours in spring and fall semesters. F1 student should take at least 6 credit hours of on-campus or hybrid classes.  Summer semester is optional unless it’s your first semester.

GPA, Probation, and Dismissal

Graduate students are expected to maintain at least a 3.00 GPA to be in "good academic standing". That's a B average. Falling below 3.00 can lead to being placed on probation or possibly dismissed from the university.

  • If your GPA falls below 3.00 you will be place on probation and you will have two semesters to get your GPA back to at least 3.00. If after two semesters your GPA is not back to 3.00 you may be dismissed.
  • If you are on probation you must make at least a 3.00 GPA each semester that you are on probation or you may be dismissed.
  • If you have a GPA of less than 2.00 (less than a C average) in any semester you may be dismissed.

Keep in mind your GPA and Academic Standing may also affect your financial aid and eligibility to hold a graduate assistantship.

Withdrawing From Classes

  • You can withdraw from classes prior to the "Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty" (see registrars site for dates) and your grade in that class will be a "W", which does not compute in your GPA.
  • If you withdraw AFTER the "Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty" your grade will be a "WF" which WILL compute in your GPA the same as an F.
  • There is a process for Administrative Emergency Withdrawals through the Office of the Dean of Students. Click here for more details.

General Academic Policy