Special Admission Programs for KSU Students

1. Double Owl Pathways for KSU Students

The Double Owl Pathway allows undergraduate students to take graduate level courses that will count in both their undergraduate degree and in a graduate degree at KSU. Students can shorten their time towards earning their degrees and save money on tuition as well! More information: https://doubleowl.kennesaw.edu. Available pathways to MSIT program. 

1). Information Technology BAS / Information Technology MS

2). Information Technology BS / Information Technology MS

3). Software Engineering BS / Information Technology MS

4). Computer Science BS / Information Technology MS

5). Computer Game Design and Development BS / Information Technology MS

6). Cyber Security BS / Information Technology MS

Start an Double Owl Application: https://doubleowl.kennesaw.edu/apply.php 

2. A Streamlined Admission Process for CCSE Students

The MSIT program offers a streamlined admission process to students who meet following criteria:

1). Are a current KSU student majoring in a CCSE Bachelor degree program.

2). Have an active petition to graduate

3). Have an institutional GPA of 3.5 (or higher) in that major upon graduation

Students who have the above qualifications will not be required to submit secondary documentation that includes a resumé or vita, statement of purpose, or letters of recommendation.

Qualified students should contact Melinda Ross at gradccse@kennesaw.edu to start an application. Don't use the regular online application system

3. Recommendations for KSU Students in Non-Computing Majors

If you are majoring in a non-computing field and want to get in the blooming IT field, MSIT provide a path for you and has been successfully doing it for 19 years! A career changing student will be required to take up to 4 foundation courses to be ready for the MSIT program. You may take care of those foundation courses while you are in your current BS program. 

1). Take approved IT undergraduate courses for your program electives/free electives. The corresponding foundation courses will be waived when apply for the MSIT program. Please contact Dr. Shirley Tian at xtian2@kennesaw.edu for eligible courses. 

2). IT Minor - If you take IT minor, all foundation courses will be waived when apply for the MSIT program. Even if you aren't going for MSIT degree, the IT skills from IT minor will be very beneficial to your current major. If you are interested in IT minor, please get in touch with Dr. Maria Valero at mvalero2@kennesaw.edu