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  • MSIT Alumni establish scholarship to help Kennesaw State computing students in need

    Chris and Amanda Arrendale, who both faced financial challenges as students, became the first individual alumni to establish an endowment for students within the CCSE. The Arrendales announced their “Never Stop Learning” scholarship to help qualified students pay for college

    Chris Arrendale graduated from SPSU with a Master’s in Information Technology and Software Engineering in 2004, and his wife, Amanda, graduated from SPSU with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1998. Both struggled with paying for school and recognize the hardships many college students continue to face. 

    Thank you for your generosity, the Arrendales! 

    Detailed story. 

    • Careers in IT Series - A Day in the Life of a Senior Director of Data & Analytics​

      Date & Time: Oct 21, 2021 6pm-7pm

      Location: virtual through MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting

      RSVP: Registration Link

      Speaker: Mr. Tanvir Rahman. Sr. Director of Data & Analytics at EdPlus. 

      Tanvir Rahman

      • MSIT Information Session - Oct 12th, 2021

        Join our information session to learn how MSIT degree can enhance your career options whether you have undergraduate degree in computing or not. 

        Special Admission Programs for KSU students:

        Date & time: Oct 12th, 6:00pm-7:00pm. 

        Topics covered: 

        • Benefits of MSIT degree
        • Program requirements
        • Admission process
        • Difference of MSIT and other computing discipline


        Location: Virtual through MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting

        • Career Mentor Program

          MSIT program is delighted to launch the first ever career mentor program which is designed to nurture the career development of existing students. The mentors are composed of experienced IT professionals from MSIT alumni and members of IT IAB (Industry Advisory Board) members. Given the limited number of mentors available, priorities will be given to international students, career changers, and female students. Please use the link below to sign up for the program: 

          • Careers in Information Technology Series - A Day of Life as a CIO

            Mr. Darin Marrow will discuss how he become a technology leader, a typical day as CIO, and what it takes to get into senior IT Management positions. 

            Date & Time: Thursday, 6/17 7:00pm-7:45pm

            Location: virtual through MS Teams: click here to join the meeting 

            Recording of session: Youtube Link

            Featured Speaker: Darin Marrow.

            Darin Marrow

            Mr. Marrow is a technology leader with 38+ successful years in technology business. He currently serves Vice President of Technology Transformation at The HoneyBaked Ham. Mr. Morrow retired from AT&T as the CIO of Cricket Wireless, where he led the development, delivery and 24x7 IT operations for the fastest growing wireless carrier in the US supporting 4800 stores and 10 million customers. Mr. Morrow was awarded both the AT&T Technology Development Presidents award and the AT&T CIO Award during his career at AT&T. He is an inventor on 19 U.S. patents within AT&T. Beyond AT&T, Mr. Marrow is a veteran and a retired Air Force Reserve Lt Colonel. 

            • MSIT Information Session - May 26th2021

              Join our information session to learn how MSIT degree can enhance your career options whether you have background in computing or not. 

              Recording of information session on March 16

              Date & time: May 26th, 6:30pm-7:30pm. 


              Location: Virtual through MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting

              • Careers in Information Technology Series

                Join us and hear from a MSIT alumni discussing his career development.

                Date & Time: Thursday, 4/15 5:00-5:40pm

                Location: virtual through MS Teams.

                Speaker: Edward Moses has been the Director of Risk and Compliance Management for the KSU University IT Services, Office of Cybersecurity, for almost 4 years. He has over 30 years of IT and Cybersecurity experience in law enforcement, military, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and, of course, higher education. He holds an MS IT and MBA from KSU and an MS in Technical Communication from SPSU. Edward enjoys Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and movies, 3D printing and CAD, and learning new technologies.

                • MSIT New (2021-2022) Curriculum Information Session

                  Excited to announce that we are have a new curriculum for MSIT and 4 Graduate certificates. Join the information session to learn about our new courses and what existing students need to do. 

                  Date & time: March 3rd, 6pm-7pm. 


                  Location: Virtual through MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting

                  Recording of the information session

                  • IT Faculty Private Sector Grant Engagement Workshop

                    All CCSE faculty are welcome!
                    Speakers: Dr. Jennifer Priestley and Bill Franks
                    Date & Time: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
                    Location: In person at Atrium (J) building -101 Or Virtual through MS Teams:
                    Click here to join the meeting

                    Recording of the workshop

                    • MSIT Capstone Project Featured on US Department of State DipLab Demo Day.

                      A MSIT fall 2020 capstone project, "Analyzing Risk Communication and Behavioral Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic", was accepted as one of the only four projects featured on the first US Department of State DipLab Demo Day: This project was completed by Elain Harris (now MSIT alumni) and sponsored Drs. Shirley Tian and Zhigang Li. Congratulations to Elaine and Dr. Tain and Li!

                      • Congrations to Fall 2020 Graduates!

                        After a long journey of hard work and dedication, 55 students are graduating from the MSIT program! Their achievement and success truly deserve celebration.  Unfortunatley, the pandemic has postponed their graduation walk to spring 2021. We are hosting a virtual ceremony for our students. Please join us the congratulate our fresh minted alumni!

                        MSIT Fall 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

                        • IT Graduate Capstone Project won First Place in CCSE C-day.

                          Congratulations to Vara Kalyani Vundavalli, Jayashree Pakkirisamy, Sangita Rai, and Winston Kone for winning First Place in both Graduate Capstone Project and Alumni Award categories in CCSE C-day on Dec. 3rd, 2020! Their project, Alumni Information System, sponsored by Dr Lei Li, will enable MSIT program keeping track of the career progression of its graduates.

                          • Finding Jobs during Pandemic Times - A Workshop

                            Host: MSIT program. The workshop is open to all students. 

                            Date & Time: November 19th 2020, 6pm-7:30pm. 

                            Workshop Recording

                            Location: Virtual through MS Teams

                            RSVP: Not required, but recommended


                            • Lauren Higdon - Career and Internship Advisor from KSU Department of Career Planning and Development. 
                            • Preeti Aggarwal - MSIT 2016 graduate, Senior Software Developer at Home Depot. 
                            • Juston Bryant - MSIT 2019 graduate, Finance Analytics Developer at Google. 
                            • Steven Ferguson - MSIT 2013 graduate, CIO at Technical College System of Georgia. 
                            • Tammara Johnson - MSIT 2019 graduate, Cyber Risk Advisor Analyst at Deloitte. 
                            • Sabrina Patel, Cyber Risk Manager at Deloitte.
                            • IT Faculty Research Seminar Series

                              Date & Time: November 19th 1pm-1:45pm 

                              Research Seminar Recording

                              Location: Virtual Through MS Team

                              Presenter: Dr. Maria Valero 

                              Presentation Title: An mHealth Tool for Real-time Respiratory Monitoring During Pandemics and Self-Isolation using IoT

                              Abstract:The current COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as a serious disease with life-threatening clinical manifestations and a high mortality rate. One of the major complications of this disease is the rapid and dangerous pulmonary deterioration that can lead to critical pneumonia conditions, resulting in death. The current healthcare system around the world faces the potential problem of lacking resources to assist a large number of patients at the same time; then, the non-critical patients are mostly referred to perform self-isolation/quarantine at home. With the advancement of sensors, IoT, and Cloud technologies now it is possible to monitor patient's symptoms in real-time to detect and quickly report sudden and dangerous changes to the healthcare provider. In this presentation, we present R-Mon, a real-time mHealth tool for monitoring pulmonary function to diagnose respiratory diseases like COVID-19, or even asthma and apnea. R-Mon is designed to detect anomaly in pulmonary function such as sudden changes in breathe rate and predict pulmonary deterioration to raise alert for immediate attention by healthcare providers while the patient is at home. R-Mon uses non-invasive under-mattress sensors to collect data on lung function followed by training and testing of data for real-time prediction of deteriorating lung condition. The proposed tool is inexpensive for patients and providers, enables the management of the limited healthcare resources within hospitals, and improves patient-provider communications for high-risk patients. We envision that this kind of mHealth tool and framework can be implemented for better health response in future pandemics

                              • IT Faculty Research Seminar Series

                                Date & Time: Tuesday, October 28th 11am-11:45am 

                                Location: Virtual Through MS Team

                                Presenter: Dr. Linh Le

                                Presentation Title: Motion-Intelligence-Based Workout Assistant System

                                PowerPoints Slides


                                This research proposes the use of motion intelligence – extraction of human poses from images and videos – in developing a workout assistant system. In short, we aim to help users perform workout exercises with real-time feedback provided without the need of an actual trainer. We first collect videos of different exercises performed by professional trainers whose sequence of poses are extracted and stored. Then, for a video or live feed of user performing an exercise, we extract the user’s pose sequence, query the most similar sequence from trainers, and overlay the trainers’ poses on the user poses. This allow the user to observe if they perform the exercise correctly or incorrectly to improve in future sessions. Our main research tasks include how to extract and store poses, how to compare and query poses, and how to adjust two poses so that they can be overlaid on each other given the differences in human forms, camera perspectives, and user errors.. 

                                • MSIT Open House - Fall 2020

                                  Date & time: September 30th 6pm-7pm.
                                  Location: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
                                  RSVP recommended not required:

                                  Note: If you don't have MS Teams account, you can join through a Web browser (Edge or Chrome is recommended)

                                  As the highest ranked IT graduate program in the State of GA by US News & World Report, the MSIT program has been enhancing career options for current and future IT professionals for more than 20 years!Join the open house and learn more about the MSIT program and the success stories of our graduates if you are:

                                  • a student who is not majoring a computing related BS degree but want to transition into the thriving IT field.
                                  • a student who major in CCSE BS degree programs. A student in this categroy and has has 3.5 instituional GPA will qualify for a streamlined admission process. 
                                  • an existing IT practionner who wants to expand their knowledge base and climb the career ladder.
                                  • just interested in a graduate program is about. 
                                  • IT Faculty Research Seminar Series

                                    Date & Time: Tuesday, September 29th 1pm-1:45pm 

                                    Location: Virtual Through MS Team

                                    Presenter: Dr. Liang Zhao

                                    Presentation Title: Towards Efficient and Secure Analytics: A Decentralized Computing Approach


                                    This talk will present case studies and research opportunities of using decentralized computing for data analytics. We will demonstrate several decentralized framework designs for applications in environment systems and healthcare. Research challenges and future directions would also be discussed towards developing efficient and secure analytics paradigms. 

                                    • CCSE Internship/Co-op Speed Networking Events - Students MUST REGISTER TO ATTENDWednesday, September 9th, 6-8:30pm; Thursday, September 10th, 6-8:30pm

                                      Program and list of employers attending can be found:

                                      Please register for one or both nights in Handshake and upload your resume to the CCSE Internship Networking Night job posting in Handshake to be shared with the attending employers.
                                      The link to upload your resume can be found here:

                                      Registration for Wednesday, September 9th, 6-8:30pm

                                      Registration for the Thursday, September 10th, 6-8:30pm

                                      All students will be sent an email with your custom program and the links to join the Employers' Virtual Teams Sessions during specified time periods during the event. Each student group will spend 10 minutes with each employers on each night. There will be 2 minutes included in between session for you to transition to/from each employer's session. The employers will all be sent your resumes (if you have uploaded it using the link above) prior to the event. Please direct questions about the event to, or contact Dawn Tatum,

                                      • Important Update to International students on F1 Visa - Fall 2020

                                        On July 24, 2020, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) issued updated guidance for this fall.  It provides additional flexibility for students at schools like Kennesaw State that are adapting their business practices due to COVID-19.  Here is what you need to know for the Fall 2020 semester.

                                        New Students

                                        • You are a new student if you are entering the US to begin your time as an F-1 student in a degree program for Fall 2020.
                                        • You must enroll full-time.  This is a minimum of 9 credits for graduate students.
                                        • You must have at least one course that includes face-to-face instruction.
                                        • You may not enter the US to take a course load that is 100% online.  However, you may study 100% online from outside the US.  If you will start your degree online from home, please log into iStart and complete the “Remote for Fall 2020” e-form under “F-1 Student Services.”  We will contact you about an updated I-20.
                                        • If you cannot make it to the US this semester, we strongly encourage you to start your education online.  If that is not possible and you are deferring your admission to a future semester, please log into iStart and complete the “Defer I-20" e-form under “Admission.”  You also need to contact the appropriate admissions office to update your application to a future semester.

                                        Continuing Students

                                        You are a continuing student if you were present in the US in F-1 status on March 9, 2020 and you have maintained your F-1 status since then.  This includes students who have transferred to KSU and will be in the US for Fall 2020.

                                        • You must enroll full-time.  This is a minimum of 12 credits for undergraduates and 9 credits for graduate students. 
                                        • If you are graduating in Fall 2020 and need less than a full-time course load to graduate, you may be eligible for a Reduced Course Load authorization.  You can apply for one here.
                                        • You may take any combination of classes that KSU is offering this fall including in-person, hybrid or online courses, including a course load that is entirely online.
                                        • If you will study online from outside the US, please log into iStart and complete the “Remote for Fall 2020” e-form under “F-1 Student Services” so that we can update your student record appropriately.

                                        Other Students

                                        If you had a change of status to F-1 approved after March 9, 2020, are transferring to KSU for Fall 2020 and will be out of the country this semester, had a break in your F-1 status between March 9, 2020 and today or  are otherwise not sure which rules apply to you, please contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office at or schedule an appointment at to discuss your individual situation.



                                        If you have questions about your situation, please contact the ISSSO at or schedule an appointment at  Please continue to check your KSU email account for updates and additional information from the ISSSO.  More information about KSU’s fall plans is available at

                                        • Online Webinar - Cybersecurity Positions in Today's Workforce

                                          Wednesday, May 27th at 12:00 pm EST.

                                          Finding a good candidate, or possibly any candidate, to fill one of the thousands of open cybersecurity positions available is one of the greatest challenges facing security executives today.

                                          Cybint's Bryan Dickens, a former FBI Behavioral Profiler and now SVP at the cyber education company, will discuss the most valuable attributes to look for when hiring in cyber with Chuck Brooks. Chuck is a thought leader in emerging technology and cybersecurity, a Forbes Contributor, Georgetown University Professor, and was named in the top 10 people to follow on LinkedIn.

                                          Register for the Workshop

                                          • MSIT Team Won 1st Place in Spring 2020 CCSE C-Day

                                            Congratulations to MSIT students Geetika Bajaj, Nikita Talole, Elizabeth Gladstone,Casiana Mba Maye and their project sponsor Prof. Dawn Tatum. Their project CCSE Project Management System Won 1st place in the graduate capstone project category in Spring 2020 CCSE C-Day. Job well done! 

                                            • Summer 2020 New Student Orientation

                                              Date & Time: April 30th, 6:30pm-7:30pm

                                              Location: Online through MS Teams

                                              Agenda: 1) 6:30pm-7pm: general information about graduate program at CCSE:  meeting link; 2) 7pm-7:30pm a breakout session for the IT graduate students: meeting link. Note: All KSU students have free license of Office 365: If you don’t have MS team installed, you may join the meeting from the browser.

                                              • Information Session on MS in Cybersecurity

                                                Date & Time: April 1st, 2020 6pm-7pm. 

                                                Virtual location (if you never used Collaborate Ultra before, you may need to install a plug in first. Just click on the link and following the instructions)

                                                Description: MS in Cybersecurity is a new graduate program hosted at Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development and jointed offered by IT, IS, CJ, CS, and SWE. We will introduce the MS Cyber program and discuss the tranferability of existing graudate programs to MS Cyber. Information on MS Cyber: 

                                                • Summer & Fall 2020 Registration & Graduation

                                                  1. Registration. Check your owl express account for your time ticket. I encourage you to enroll in summer classes which can speed up progress toward graduation. If you have error when register for class, use the link below to request an override:

                                                  2. Graduation. For those who are graduating, spring graduation ceremony is postponed. You still can graduate as planned, but ceremony is delayed to different date. It's time to petition for fall graduation now and you can do that in Owl express. If you are a MSIT student and qualify for graduate certificate, you need to petition for the certificate separately:

                                                  • IT Faculty Research Series

                                                    Date & Time: Jan 24 12pm-1pm

                                                    Location: J-215B

                                                    Presenter #1. Dr. Ying Xie

                                                    Powerpoints Slides

                                                    Title: Deep KNN and Its applications in Fintech and Healthcare

                                                    Description: The k Nearest Neighbor (KNN) algorithm has been widely applied in various supervised learning tasks due to its simplicity and effectiveness. However, the quality of KNN decision making is   directly affected by the quality of the neighborhoods in the modeling space. Efforts have been made to map data to a better feature space either implicitly with kernel functions, or explicitly through learning linear or nonlinear transformations. However, all these methods use pre-determined distance or similarity functions, which may limit their learning capacity. In this talk, we present a novel deep learning method called Deep KNN that is able to learn pairwise similarities of data, which implicitly maps data to a feature space where the quality of KNN neighborhoods is optimized.  We will further demonstrate successful applications of the proposed Deep KNN in critical domains such as Fintech and Healthcare with superior performance.

                                                    Presenter #2. Dr. Zhigang Li

                                                    PowerPoints Slides

                                                    Topic: Technology Enabled Learning

                                                    Description: Dr. Li will briefly introduce his research interests in technology enabled learning and then present a case study on a research-based course development framework that was implemented for an Intro to FinTech course.



                                                    • CCSE TECH TALK – Cybersecurity

                                                      Ron Dilley, CISO, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

                                                      Tuesday, January 21st, 4-5pm. Marietta Campus, Building J (Atrium), Room 101

                                                      Topic: What do CISOs really want?

                                                      Come hear directly from a CISO the things that are important regarding security.  Mr. Dilley will also discuss war stories – when security professionals go too far or not far enough.  Do not miss this chance to network with a C-level executive from a major corporation. 

                                                      • MST Ranking Improved

                                                        US News & World Report just announced its new ranking for Best Online Master's Information Technology program. The MSIT program a is ranked at #36, 2 spots up from last year's rankings. The MSIT remains the highest ranked program in the State of Georgia. We got to proud of ourselves!

                                                        US News

                                                        • Graduation Season

                                                          Dec 17, 2019. It was cold and windy outside, but inside of social science building is filled with warm air and smiley face. 37 MSIT students are graduating this fall. 14 students celebrated their achievements with family, friends and faculty in this afternoon's hooding ceremony! Very proud of our graduates! Join me welcome our newly minted alumni!

                                                          fall 19 hooding ceremony

                                                          • MSIT Student Awarded Travel Scholarship to attend Woman in Cybersecurity conference.

                                                            Chaunda Dallas, a second year MSIT student got awarded a travel scholarship to Woman in Cybersecurity conference on March 2020 at Aurora Co under the guidance of her professor, Dr. Shirley Tian. Very proud of Chaunda!


                                                            • IT Graduate Faculty Research Seminar #3November 21, 4pm-5pm.Marietta Campus J-215B.

                                                              Presenter #1: Dr. Zhigang Li
                                                              Topic: Technology Enabled Learning
                                                              Description: Dr. Li will briefly introduce his research interests in technology enabled learning and then present a case study on a research based course development framework that was implemented for an Intro to FinTech course.
                                                              Presenter #2: Dr. Seyedamin Pouriyeh
                                                              Abstract: In this talk, Dr. Pouriyeh will focus on two main research areas including exploration of RDF data using topic modeling technique and security issues in federated machine learning.  Dr. Pouriyeh will present his recent conference and journal papers and his ongoing research topics and projects.

                                                              • IBM X-Force Comes to You Challenge (Cyber security)

                                                                Description: Join IBM to learn and develop new cyber best practices in their X-Force Comes to You challenge! On Saturday November 9, the "IBM X-Force Comes to You Challenge" immerses a customer team in a realistic Fusion Team center environment. X-Force Facility members will reveal cyber-related issues and players must figure out how to react (as a team) across dimensions of technical, legal, public relations and media responses. Students will get to see the gaps in their response plan in a safe place where they can learn from their mistakes.

                                                                Perk: Lunch will be provided. IBM usually charges corporation $100,000 per day for such events.

                                                                Date/Time: November 9th, 2019

                                                                Session 1: 10:00am-12:00pm RSVP here!

                                                                Session 2: 1:00pm-3:00pm RSVP here!

                                                                Location: Kennesaw Campus Burruss Building Room BB152

                                                                Lunch will be served: 12:00pm-1:00pm Location: Burruss Building Atrium

                                                                • IT Graduate Faculty Research Series #2

                                                                  Presenters: Dr. Meng Han and Dr. Shirley Tian

                                                                  Date/Time: October 29th, 4pm-5pm

                                                                  Location: J-132

                                                                • IT Graduate Faculty Research Series #1

                                                                  Presenters: Dr. Halstead-Nussloch and Dr. Lei Li

                                                                  Date/Time: September 23th, 4pm-5pm

                                                                  Location: Atrium (J Building) Room157