MSIT - Declare your Graduate Certificate

NotePlease only use this form if you are enrolled in the MSIT program. 

Graduate Certificate Declaration Deadline:

  • Spring Semester
    Summer Semester
    Fall Semester
  • Feburary 1
    June 1
    September 1
  1. Please declare your certificate as soon as you want to pursue it.
  2. If you want to declare the 2nd add-on graduate certificate, you need to submit this form again.
  3. The graduate certificate will be added to your degreeworks. You can use the dropdown menu to see all programs you are in.
  4. You must take all courses based on the certificate requirements of the catalog year on which the certificate was declared. If IT Foundation courses are waived at the time of admission, you will not qualify for Graduate Certificate in IT Foundations.
  5. You must submit a petition for the certificate in Owl Express as you would do for your MSIT degree. Please make sure that you follow the petition deadline set by the Registrar’s Office:
  6. A final audit of completed certificate requirements will be conducted by the Registrar’s Office immediately after the term of completion. Once awarded, you will receive an email from a third-party vendor indicating that the electronic certificate is available to purchase and download (this is not printable, but shareable with potential employers and on social media sites.)
  7. The hard copy petitioned certificate will be mailed to the address of record approximately 6-8 weeks after final audit review. Should you need to make any changes to the address of record or have additional questions, please contact